#CSGlobal20 in unprecedented time

We live through the high-speed social and economic change. The connections we establish today are faster, more globalized and more interconnected than ever before. Our obsession with high-speed has driven the astonishingly fast development of all sorts of technological tools which are indispensable to the health of our economies and our societies, but unfortunately progress never comes without its caveats. As digital technology takes an ever increasing role in our livelihoods, we’ve witnessed a systematic increase of threats linked to its abuse and words like hacking, disinformation, cyberattacks are now part of our common lexicon and our common fears. So how do we deal with this conundrum? How to forge a safe path forward? The key lies in taking the shared responsibility, the willingness to learn and the drive to develop a common understanding of what means to use a given technology for good.

With this in mind for our upcoming CYBERSEC Forum we’ve decided to embrace the leitmotif: Together Against Adversarial Internet. We’re very pleased to announce that this year our gathering will take place on 28-29 September, a most auspicious date since it was the date of our very first CYBERSEC event back in 2015! However due to the volatility of the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve decided for the safety of all us that this year’s CYBERSEC Forum is going to held in virtual form. However, won’t let it interfere with our commitment to explore new answers and solutions especially this year in which we believe cybersecurity has become a key priority on the political and strategic agenda of states and organizations worldwide. Which brings to our other exciting announcement – in 2020 CYBERSEC is going global! #CSGlobal20. Our commitment to #CSGlobal20 stems directly from our view that in a crisis such as the one the world is living through new opportunities arise and we must figure out how to seize them together with like-minded countries. We are going to expend our network of EU and North American partners into: Australia, Israel, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of South Africa, The United Arab Emirates.

As always the CYBERSEC Team is working hard to bring to you a platform to discuss cybersecurity in our new digital reality. Each year we deliver our commitment by providing institutions, businesses and organisations with actionable recommendations and policy goals that can be incorporated into cybersecurity strategies, legislative frameworks and risk assessments.

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