This year CYBERSEC is expanding its formula and from one of the most important conferences in Central and Eastern Europe will become a crucial worldwide event. Going global means engaging people from all around the world, not only on speakers’ side, but also on participantsThe online formula enables anyone to build our CYBERSEC community & contribute to the future of cybersecurity from anywhere. Just register & on 28th September open your computer and join binge-conferencing experience.  

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The second episode of the 6th season of CYBERSEC is FUTURE. As we are now approaching the future at an accelerated pace, it is worth highlighting that even though the uncertainty is embedded in the process of technological change and future technologies are to a large extent unknown, we need to come together to prevent the world from having a rough ride coming to a dead end due to the win of adversarial technology use. The technologies of the future will be both great opportunities and challenges for humanity in the context of emerging and previously unknown threats. 


The FUTURE stream will focus on: 

  • Hacking humans – threats to digital identity 
  • International security in the era of quantum computing 
  • Splinternet – possible scenario or tech-dystopia? 
  • Human-Level Artificial Intelligence: Probability, Risks, Opportunities 

The FUTURE stream will also have an exciting keynote presentation. It will be given by Vinton Cerf – often named “the Father of the Internet” and current Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist!  

  • The co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols,  
  • the Internet’s architecture,  
  • contributor to global policy development  
  • Continuator of the spread of the Internet  

Vinton Cerf’s merits have been rewarded by President Bill Clinton with the U.S. National Medal of Technology for founding and developing the Internet & Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George Bush. 

Vinton will exclusively share his insights during #CSGlobal20 and shed the light on cybersecurity of the FUTURE. He believes that: “By placing intelligence at the edges rather than control in the middle of the network, the Internet has created a platform for innovation.” 


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