7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss CYBERSEC Global 2020

We’re getting closer to launching the 6th edition of CYBERSEC conference. It starts on September 28th! If you’ve attended one of the previous editions, I’m sure you know how much attention we put to the details and to the overall value we want to provide to the attendees.

This year is different and for the first time, it will take place online. This opens up the conference for a broader audience. If you’re new to CYBERSEC–here are seven reasons for you to put CYBERSEC Global 2020 on your must-attend list.

#1 It responds to the pushing needs of a modern world

We’re living in a digital era. No matter what we can think of –if it is a blessing or a curse–our lives have a digital layer now. This is burdened by certain challenges that we need to address in order to secure our future as well as use the technology to its fullest potential.

Among these challenges, there are impacts and intersections of emerging and disruptive technologies, threats to democracy and people’s choices, and much more.

#2 It’s the 6th edition

Launched in 2015, CYBERSEC is a successful and acclaimed annual public policy conference dedicated to strategic security aspects of the global technology revolution. It’s not only a conference – it has become a thriving international community of experts and professionals.

Each year, invited are the world’s top-class experts urging the conference participants to think outside of the box, making each CYBERSEC more innovative than the one before. The Program Team guarantees the highest quality of the conference and resultant post-conference recommendations & key takeaways.

This year, CYBERSEC Global 2020, will be launching under the banner: “Together Against Adversarial Internet,” which emphasizes the transformation the internet is going through to remould society into being completely digital.

#3 This year, it gathers over 100 speakers and panelists

CYBERSEC is gathering dozens of experts from multiple fields–state and business leaders, scientists, researchers, as well as members of military service. Even through all of the turmoil brought by 2020, we went to great lengths to make this year’s edition even better than any of the previous ones.

Our Program Team has gathered over 100 experts in relevant fields to speak at the conference, join discussion panels in which we all can learn about the digital world that surrounds us, and its challenges and opportunities for the global community.

With such a variety of backgrounds and specialties you can be sure that you’ll find plenty of topics, keynotes, speeches, and panels that will be specifically  interesting to you.

#4 It’s online, so you can join from anywhere in the world

CYBERSEC has been a physical conference ever since the first edition. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, making us adapt to new circumstances. However, these circumstances have created an opportunity to have a larger impact on awareness in cybersecurity and its role in modern states.

This is why we decided to move CYBERSEC online, making it a global conference for policymakers, business people, and anyone interested. You can join us from anywhere with an internet connection!

#5 It’s designed as a binge-conferencing experience, so you can effortlessly listen to all the keynotes & speeches

In many industries, almost all the meetings are done online right now. Some companies have even introduced policies that regulate those meetings and one of them is having the camera on so it resembles face to face experiences. Some conferences have followed with the same approach.

Although it might make sense in a business setting, we’d argue that for conferences, especially those with a rich agenda, it’s more convenient for the attendees to just tune in and listen or watch what the 6th edition of CYBERSEC has to offer.

This is why we have crafted a binge-conferencing experience. The segments are arranged in a way that allows you to just sit, relax, and stay with the speakers for the whole day, have a proper lunch and coffee breaks, but most importantly get the most out of the agenda.

Watch or just listen to CYBERSEC Global 2020 – it’s up to you.

#6 It’s still a business development opportunity

We know how important conferences are for making new business partnerships. This aspect has been cut down to zero for almost all industries, making it more difficult to progress.

For those interested in business development opportunities, we have built a CYBERSEC Expo Stage. It’s a one-time opportunity for companies to present their products and solutions, take part in panel discussions related to the cybersecurity market, and share their expertise with cybersecurity industry customers online.

#7 All of the value is free. You just need to register.

We do our best to provide our attendees with an extensive value and based on the previous editions–with a large success.

This year is different in format, but you can use this as a new opportunity to grow, learn, and gain expertise knowledge. You can do this online and for free!

All you need to do is to reserve your e-seat:

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