Road to CYBERSEC 2020 Summary

“Digital” has become the new normal, increasing its role in the functioning of states, business continuity, and the societies’ wellbeing. As the ongoing health crisis greatly accelerated the digital transformation, the need to discuss some of the key technological developments is even more valid.

Within the span of four months we have organized nine webinars focusing on selected topics, some of which have later become part of the CYBERSEC Global 2020 agenda. The first digital-only edition of the Forum has already come to an end and we can proudly admit that the preparatory conversations we had certainly helped to shape it into a truly enjoyable and inspiring event.

Our team started the preparations for the next season of the CYBERSEC series –CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight 2021. Brace yourself for another dose of mind-opening binge-conferencing experience with #CSBXL21!

Make sure that you are up-to-date with the the summary of the Road to CYBERSEC Global 2020. Read the recap of our inspiring conversations on adversarial use of big data, military applications of 5G, and human level artificial intelligence, among others. There are still plenty of other subjects that require our attention and we are looking forward to exploring them even further at #CSBXL21.

Let’s take the road again!

Read the summary here.


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