The second year of the global health crisis has forced us to adapt ourselves to a redefined normal. This scenario, as it has triggered an unprecedented surge in the demand and use of digital technologies, has also perfectly demonstrated the urgent need for security in cyberspace.

Amid disruptive and emerging technologies, the lines between nation-states and organized cybercriminal groups are becoming blurred. Misinformation and cyber-attacks have become the most favourable tools of hybrid warfare, targeting lives, rights, and values. Thus, top cybersecurity experts warn: ”online is the new front line”.

To address these issues and shape the digital policy agenda for the secure future, the 4th edition of the CYBERSEC Brussels Leader’s Foresight took place online on 18 March 2021. After intense months of preparation, the #CSBXL21 hosted engaging and insightful discussions among more than 40 worldwide speakers, who have embraced our call to action Together Against Adversarial Internet.

We are proud to share the summary of the CYBERSEC 2021, in which you can recap the topics brought to light this year, such as the potential for a technological alliance, data transfers between the EU and the US, the green and digital investments within the Three Seas Initiative, the key developments in the European cybersecurity regulatory landscape and European digital strategic autonomy concept.


Read the summary here.

By taking the road #TOGETHER, we can achieve safe cyberspace!

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