The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our social lives. The “new normal” show us of the importance and necessity of digitization of our everyday life. The dynamic digital transformation that creates our new reality has also highlighted the significant regulatory and technological gaps in cyber security solutions, leading to an unprecedented increase in cybercriminals’ activity. The new reality is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for many countries and regions for a new opening in the field of creation and implementation of high-tech and cybersecurity solutions.

In response to the current situation and challenges which the decision-makers will face in the near future, we want to present the new formula of our CYBERSEC EXPO stage 2020 event. Trying to convey the spirit of the exhibition fair, we create a special stage on which you can watch a discussion panels, present your products and services or share your experience with cybersecurity industry customers. In addition, CYBERSEC EXPO Stage will also allow free display of the company’s logotype, thus showing support for the ICT sector in this difficult period for all. The CYBERSEC EXPO Stage agenda will run in parallel with the CYBERSEC main stage agenda and additional workshops and webinars.

Please contact to see the possibility of appearing at the CYBERSEC EXPO Stage or for free logo display at the stage.



CYBERSEC EXPO was first of its kind and one of the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe cybersecurity trade fair, which was organized in parallel to 5th European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2019. During two intensive exhibition days, CYBERSEC EXPO gave an opportunity to innovative companies, organisations and start-ups to present their cybersecurity solutions and ways of implementing technology in a cyber secure manner on a daily basis directly to the attendees on their booths and from the CYBERSEC EXPO stage. EXPO brought over 1700 attendees, 1 sponsor (PZU), 4 Partners (BAE Systems, Microsoft, Nethone, Samsung) and 54 other exhibitors like: Cryptomage, CyberusLabs, Cisco, Google, UBS and many more.