Beyza Unal

Beyza Unal

Deputy Director, International Security Programme, Chatham House

Dr Beyza Unal is the deputy director with the International Security programme at Chatham House.

She covers science, technology, security and defence portfolio, specializing in the interaction between emerging technology applications and security.
Her research includes nuclear weapons policy, cyber, space, and critical national infrastructure security, quantum technologies, and artificial intelligence applications. Beyza also leads on NATO’s security and defence policy at Chatham House.

Dr Unal formerly worked in the Strategic Analysis Branch at NATO Allied Command and Transformation, taught International Relations, transcribed interviews on Turkish political history, and served as an international election observer during the 2010 Iraqi parliamentary elections.

She has been given various fellowships for her achievements - most notably she is a William J Fulbright Alumni. She has also received funding from the US Department of Energy to participate workshops in Brookhaven National Laboratory, the James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies, and Sandia National Laboratory.