cybersec STREAMS

The main topics of CYBERSEC Global 2020 will be followed four traditional CYBERSEC thematic streams. Check them out and register for the conference today!

It is widely known that – given the fast pace of innovation – regulations hardly keep up with emerging technologies, thus it is necessary in this respect to make the process more agile and to involve in the debate a wide range of stakeholders.

Good internet governance is needed more than ever. All adversarial uses of Internet that impact societies – such as disinformation, spreading fake news or using tools to increase surveillance – should be curbed, and like-minded countries from around the world should work together on tangible solutions ensuring the peaceful and safe Internet ecosystem.

Among State Stream Topics:

  • Towards a global surveillance society? The race between authoritarian and democratic practices of digital governance
  • Cybersecurity in the era of decoupling in the digital supply chain
  • One step closer to a secure digital democracy – defending elections against hostile interference