cybersec STREAMS

The main topics of CYBERSEC Global 2020 will be followed four traditional CYBERSEC thematic streams. Check them out and register for the conference today!

Technologies are invented to facilitate economic growth, enhance process efficiency, and increase the well-being of society. The principle of security by design should govern the modern product market structure to ensure it is embedded throughout the entire supply chain. Critical infrastructure, necessary for maintaining continuity of crucial economic processes, remains of particular importance in this dimension. Adversarial actions targeting critical infrastructure may have apocalyptic consequences, thus its protection is an absolute priority for each country.

Among Business State Stream Topics:

  • Big data = big challenges? Countering adversity in the data-driven economy
  • The role of technology providers, the civil society and international institutions in ensuring the peaceful Internet
  • Expanding reliance on digital tools – best practices from digital leaders in the times of COVID-19
  • How COVID-19 redefined the critical sectors of economies