cybersec STREAMS

The main topics of CYBERSEC Global 2020 will be followed four traditional CYBERSEC thematic streams. Check them out and register for the conference today!

defence STREAM

The focal point of the debates in this thematic stream will be the technological development of the military sector and doctrine and its implications for international security, as well as maintaining peace and stable relations between countries.

The debate and an impetus for creating such rules could come from like-minded countries as shared values are conducive to reaching a consensus on such difficult and complex challenges. Cooperation between the EU and NATO is equally crucial, and the coordination of tools and initiatives is key to ensuring the effectiveness of this area.

Among State Stream Topics:

  • Military use of 5G technology
  • Information warfare – exploitation of history, religion and economics in cyberspace
  • Forward defence postures in developing cybersecurity capabilities
  • Cybersecurity of outer space – exploring the unexplored