cybersec STREAMS

The main topics of CYBERSEC Global 2020 will be followed four traditional CYBERSEC thematic streams. Check them out and register for the conference today!

Humans in the history of civilization could never fully predict the final impact of a given technology on the economy as well as the opportunities it could bring. The technologies of the future will be both great opportunities and challenges for humanity in the context of emerging and previously unknown threats. Creators and providers of emerging digital products and services will have the utmost duty to ensure the safety of communities against the malicious and adversarial use of these tools. There is also particular responsibility vested in the public sector for how nations are going to deploy the technologies of the future, face the challenges and minimise threats associated with it.

Among State Stream Topics:

  • International security in the era of quantum computing
  • Hacking humans – threats to digital identity
  • Technological singularity: the next or the last step in (human) evolution